London based, I am the Product Security Lead at Deliveroo with a primary focus on building out offensive, defensive and preventative capabilities within my team.

Prior to Deliveroo I was a Senior Application Security Engineer at Simply Business (UK) working with infrastructure, product and engineering teams ensuring security is at the heart of what we do. In practice this means baking security into the SDLC, security awareness through engineering solutions and proactive security controls in both on-premise and cloud environments.

Before moving to the UK I was working as a Cloud Security Specialist at Genesis Energy (NZ) and as an Information Security Analyst with a focus on threat hunting, detection and prevention.

My academic background is in both computer science and security, receiving both the Masters Research Scholarship and PhD Scholarship from Waikato University where my primary research areas were cloud and application security.

My research publications are listed below:

  • A Global, Empirical Analysis of the Shellshock Vulnerability in Web Applications - [PDF]
  • Security as a Service (SaaS) -- An Overview - [PDF]
  • Escrow: A Large-Scale Web Vulnerability Assessment Tool - [PDF]
  • MSc thesis: An Extensible Web Application Vulnerability Assessment and Testing Framework [PDF]

You can contact me at delamore [at] outlook.com